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    I’ve been the editor of several magazines — here are some representative editions.

  • Surviving Imbibing

    Surviving Imbibing

    One of the perks of working in Wine Country is writing about it. Here’s a cheeky spin on the conventional boozy article written for the North Bay Bohemian (click for more clips), where I am the editor. Surviving Imbibing by Daedalus Howell on Scribd

  • DVDs Are Flat Circles

    DVDs Are Flat Circles

    Since 2019, I’ve been the Pacific Sun and North Bay Bohemian newspaper editor (click-thru for clips). Below is an award-winning sample of some of my work. Bedrock Video by Daedalus Howell on Scribd

  • Wake Up and Smell National Coffee Day

    Wake Up and Smell National Coffee Day

    Naturally, I keep my own blog at with well over 1K posts. Americans consume 491 million cups of coffee every day, and a disproportionate amount of that is due to me. Had the National Coffee Association, who conducted the survey, called me, I might’ve helped get that number to a cool half billion. I’m…

  • Is This Man Too Sexy for Petaluma?

    Is This Man Too Sexy for Petaluma?

    This post was part of a series of posts I wrote under the title The Rivertown Report for the Petaluma Argus-Courier. Yes – And Eli Lucas is Just What Petaluma Needs Right Now Suppose you’ve spent any time downtown in the past 18 months. In that case, you’ve likely witnessed the sinewy blaze of funky white…

  • Why Words Like “Moist” Make Your Skin Crawl

    Why Words Like “Moist” Make Your Skin Crawl

    I wrote a series of pop psychology and wine-related blog content for Men’s Health. This was a reader favorite. Is it the word itself that creeps us out? Or what we think the word describes? Loin juice. That’s the image conjured in Ben Nettleton’s mind when he hears the word “moist.” The Houston-based web editor…

  • Your Crisis Communication Guide

    Your Crisis Communication Guide

    Remember when 2019 had crisis communication professionals working overtime? There was the famous “Varsity Blues” scandal which revealed that officials at elite colleges had accepted bribes from prominent families to admit their kids. Academic and celebrity careers alike vaporized as those involved spun their stories to the media with varying degrees of sincerity.

  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Tomatoes (But Were Afraid to Ask)

    Everything You Wanted to Know About Tomatoes (But Were Afraid to Ask)

    I wrote several blog posts for Organic Authority, including copy for email campaigns, surveys, and other commerce-related material. Fridge or counter? Fruit or veg? We’ve got your tomato answers. Tomatoes are as ubiquitous as they are mysterious. Are they fruits or vegetables? How did a native of South America become a staple of European cuisine?…

  • Law Firm IT Needs

    Law Firm IT Needs

    This was an interesting assignment: Alternis IT offers concierge-level information technology services to an array of clients—among them, law firms. IT CaseStudy LawFirm by Daedalus Howell on Scribd

  • Best Effects: Octavader

    Best Effects: Octavader

    The best way to go from pitch to product is with a solid product proposal. This one is for a guitar pedal company that sought to license the likeness of everyone’s favorite Star Wars villain. Best Effects Proposal by Daedalus Howell on Scribd